Joyful Journey Joyful Journey – Mind Coaching with Jenny Li Ciccone
Achieve a Life of Joyful Living
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
It’s all about the battle between fear and love. Fear only exists when love is not around. By EFT tapping, you will experience the amazing shift of the emotional vibration from fear to love. Gradually you will be able to open yourself up to different perspectives. You will become more objective about your life issues. You will realize that fear and anxiety, as well as your wanting to control are just feelings and illusions.

What Do You Want To Improve Today?

Your Relationships
Meeting the Needs of that Little Whining Kid In Us.

Your Financial Success
Healing Our Money Wounds to Open Up An Abundant Money Flow.

Your Health
Removing Emotional Elements Behind Health Issues.

Your Sprirituality
Connecting to Your Divine Nature Inside .

Joyful living is the destiny of our earthly life.

Your Career & Life Transition
Bringing in Clarity and Intuition for Direction and Decision-Making.


About Jenny

Entrepreneur, Author & Certified EFT Practitioner

Jenny was an international career coach and consultant before discovering her true life’s calling – EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

A certified EFT practitioner, Jenny uses her unique background and expertise to assist you in discovering how your negative thinking patterns and emotional blocks unconsciously hinder your happiness as well as your personal and professional life.

She has developed a four-step method to help you use EFT to deal with life issues in five major universal areas.

Jenny's goal is to help you discover these hidden blocks, release them, and move forward to a lighter and happier place for a joyful life journey. 

"I trust that we do not come across by accident, today we connect for a reason. "

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The 4-Step System for Joyful Living

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Jenny Was Able to Release My Blocks

A Very Powerful Experience

I woke up the morning of our EFT session with the thought ‘my blank canvas… what would I love to paint on it today’ in the sense that I am the co-creator of my life, so what did I want to experience today. I couldn't come up with anything, Nothing, and I was trying!

After my EFT session with Jenny I was able to paint several canvases. Jenny was able to release my blocks which helped me to look at my life in a different way and see opportunities that I wasn't able to see. Since then I’ve created a workshop and now creating my vision book for 2014.

Eva Lukacs Life Potential Coach

I had the opportunity to have an EFT session with Jenny and it was a very powerful experience.

She quickly got to the root of my issues and assisted me in clearing some emotions that were deep rooted in me causing some of the problems in my life.

Jenny is very kind and compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable in EFT and energy medicine. I highly recommend her services.

Deneen Fasano, DVM

Jenny Brings Real World Experience and a Sharp Intuition...

EFT Tapping, in my experience, is a powerful tool. I am amazed at how effective tapping is when focused in the right areas. Jenny brings real world experience and a sharp intuition that really leverages this tool.

I had been stuck with a deep depression for many years. I tried almost everything that I could think of, but nothing helped much. After several sessions with Jenny, I have been able to clean up and set aside those old issues and move on from the heavy place. The thoughts and feelings that I had are gone, and I am really amazed at the results.

I am now free to work on new goals to help me moving to the next stage of my life. It is obvious that Jenny’s interest lies in people progressing positively in their lives. A lot of us have mental blocks that we cannot seem to be aware and get around. But if we can open up, this will help bring the changes that we are looking for.

Steve Tabb

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